To remain competitive in this era of information technology, INTERCEPTOR has partnered with a San Francisco-based e-filing company.   This partnership will enable us to provide comprehensive electronic information services to our clients with a click of the ‘mouse.’

As the federal courts now require e-filing, the same requirements are just over the horizon for all State courts as well. It is INTERCEPTOR’S objective to be positioned to that when State court e-filing programs become a reality, your office will already be comfortable with the process. Until then, INTERCEPTOR provides your office the means by which documents to be served, documents to be filed in any State court, or documents to be sent by messenger to any location, can be quickly attached to a work order and sent to Interceptor electronically, more easily than writing an e-mail.  As the Courts transition to e-filing, your office will be able to do so using INTERCEPTOR’S e-filing service, assisted or without assistance.

INTERCEPTOR’S e-service department handles the following services:

  • Service of Process
  • State Court Filings
  • Document Messenger Services

You will be notified by e-mail to confirm receipt and completion of each assignment. To set up your free account, contact INTERCEPTOR at (510) 419-3940.