Court Service Rates

Local Courts – Oakland(Includes up to 50-pp)

$45.00 – Routine; $65.00 – On-Demand(Over 50-pp, $0.40/page)

Rural Courts(Includes up to 50-pp)

$55.00 – Routine(Over 50-pp, $0.40/page)

Statewide Courts(Includes up to 50-pp)

$75.00 Routine(Over 50-pp, $0.40/page)

Standby time

$50.00 per hr. @ 1/4 hr. increments

Priority Rush Charge(Filed w/in 24-hrs.)

$20.00 per item

Urgent Rush Charge(Filed SAME DAY)

$40.00 per item

ON-DEMAND Charge(Immediate Dispatch)

$70.00 per item

ADD’L CHARGES:Courtesy Copy Filed w/ Court Filing: Courtesy Copy Filed Alternate Court: Additional Trip to Court: Research & Retrieval:

$15.00 – Same CourtPriced as separate Court Service $35.00 $50.00/hour – One Hour Min. Charge

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