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The E-filing process allows busy attorneys, legal secretaries, law firm personnel, and self-represented individuals to file motions, pleadings, briefs, and other documents with the courts using electronic means. This process, now mandatory in many jurisdictions, comes with court-specific and ever-changing rules and requirements. Making the process even more complex, these requirements differ from one court to another. INTERCEPTOR understands and adheres to these jurisdiction-specific requirements for legal e-filing. We provide court e-services in Oakland, CA and throughout the Bay Area as well as state.

To remain competitive in this era of information technology, INTERCEPTOR has partnered with LegalConnect, a premier legal e-filing service provider. This partnership will enable us to provide comprehensive electronic information services to our clients with a click of a button.


As the federal courts and most California counties now require e-filing, the same requirements are just over the horizon for all of the States courts as well. It is INTERCEPTOR’S objective to be positioned so that when statewide court e-filing programs become a reality, your office will already be comfortable with the process — regardless of your firm’s primary practice areas.

INTERCEPTOR provides electronic court filing and e-filing support services to workers’ compensation defense law offices, civil plaintiff law offices, divorce/family law offices, debt collection agencies, debt collection law offices, eviction law offices, elder abuse law offices, and other clients needing assistance with e-filings for California state courts.

Until such time as statewide e-filing is a reality, INTERCEPTOR provides your office the means by which documents to be served, documents to be filed in any State court, or documents to be sent by messenger to any location, can be quickly attached to a work order and sent to INTERCEPTOR electronically, more easily than writing an e-mail. Status on service of process and court filings are easily viewable on our E-Services portal at any timeAs the Courts transition to e-filing, your office will be able to do so using INTERCEPTOR’S e-filing service, assisted or without assistance.

Department Services

INTERCEPTOR’S e-service department specializes in the following services:

  • Service of Process
  • Self-Serve Filing
  • Document Messenger Services
  • Expert Reviewed Concierge Filing

Whether you need assistance with e-filing a motion in Menlo Park or need to e-file a complaint in Brentwood, INTERCEPTOR can help. We are proud to provide court e-services in Oakland, CA, and throughout the San Francisco Bay area. INTERCEPTOR makes e-filing court documents simple and cost-effective for law firms and individuals in the following counties:

  • NAPA

Choosing INTERCEPTOR for your e-filing needs can remove stress from the process. Our team of professionals understands jurisdiction-specific filing requirements and stays on top of changing rules to provide a seamless process for our clients. When you choose INTERCEPTOR, you can be confident your documents will be electronically filed quickly and the filings will be in good order with the courts. Whether you have a one-time need to e-file a document or are looking for a trusted legal service provider to assist with e-filing on an ongoing basis, we can help.

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