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Service of process, sometimes also referred to as process serving, involves one party to a legal dispute or action officially notifying the other party about the matter. While it sounds simple to deliver legal notices to opposing parties, the process can be challenging. In some cases, the other party expects the service of process and actively seeks to avoid being served by deliberately staying away from their home or workplace. In other situations, the would-be recipient is confrontational and may pose a physical danger to the legal process server. INTERCEPTOR is a trusted process server in Oakland, CA, serving law firms and individuals in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area.

Process Serving

INTERCEPTOR’S staff of highly trained professionals guarantees quality and expeditious service of process throughout the state and country. We handle process server services in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area directly and leverage our dependable network of affiliates throughout greater California and across the nation to effectively handle service of process anywhere in the country. Our statewide/nationwide prices include computerized status checks on your documents by request.

Each INTERCEPTOR professional process server is trained in the handling of all forms of legal documents including orders, eviction documents, and writs of attachment and execution.

We serve a wide range of clients, including workers’ compensation defense firms, civil plaintiff law offices, divorce/family law offices, debt collection agencies, debt collection law offices, eviction law offices, elder abuse firms, and other law firms/practices handling California state law matters. Whether you need a process server in Oakland, CA, to serve a plaintiff in a Bay Area civil complaint action or need a certified process server to serve notice on a client’s spouse in another state for a divorce case, INTERCEPTOR can help.  

Levels of Service

Here at INTERCEPTOR, we offer four different levels of service based on your needs:

  • Routine: Our standard service level, our fully licensed and registered Process Servers will make up to six attempts at a given address over two weeks. One attempt every two to three days, with attempts on the weekends, in the morning, and in the evening.
  • Priority: One attempt the day after receiving the documents, and continued attempts at the Routine level after the initial rush. Best for documents going to businesses or places with set hours of service.
  • Urgent: Attempts begin same day as we receive your documents and attempted three times in the 72 hours following receipt. final three attempts will be performed at the routine level.
  • On-Demand/Unlawful Detainer/Special: For any service need that requires attempts above and beyond our Urgent service level, for service requiring special instructions, specific times, or done within two hours of receipt. Please contact our office for pricing and availability.
  • Oakland Service of Process Specials

For those hard to serve papers when clients are evading, we also offer Skip-Tracing, Stakeouts, and more. Contact our office for more information!

INTERCEPTOR provides service of process for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area directly. Beyond this initial service area, we work with a network of affiliated companies to offer the same, reliable services to the rest of the state and nationwide. Our service area includes the following counties:

  • NAPA

When serving legal notice on an adverse party, it is critical to have a trusted partner who understands the time sensitivities and legalities involved, and who will ensure all applicable regulations are followed in the process. INTERCEPTOR is committed to meeting clients’ needs, regardless of the size or complexity of the request. Choosing an INTERCEPTOR same-day process server can provide much-needed peace of mind, knowing that service of process will be handled promptly, professionally, and efficiently.

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