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Legal documents often contain time-sensitive, confidential information. Hiring a secure and professional legal copy service is essential to ensuring copies are accurate and protected. INTERCEPTOR is the leading legal photocopy service in Oakland, CA, trusted by lawyers, government agencies, paralegals, law enforcement agencies, and other professionals. We make legal document copying and scanning simple and safe with end-to-end encryption and quick turnaround times.

At INTERCEPTOR, our staff specializes in accurately and quickly copying essential documents. We handle a full range of requests, including electronic imaging, copying large documents, encrypted records storage, bates-stamping and more. INTERCEPTOR is the most skilled and reliable legal copy service in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area.

Photocopy Services

The management of INTERCEPTOR represents a culmination of over 30 years of experience in document reproduction and management services. Our specialties include medical/employment records retrieval requests, onsite document productions of any size, hard copy to hard copy of legal documents, and electronic imaging for archival and retrieval purposes. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, a competent staff, and true dedication to customer satisfaction, the quality of our work is guaranteed.

We put our expertise and equipment to work in a variety of industries. Law firms come to us for litigation copying, public records retrieval, deposition offer assignments, and document preparation. Government agencies, corporations, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies also use our services for legal document copying, records storage, and more. We’re proud to serve individuals and organizations of all types through accurate, efficient, and secure photocopying.

Department Services

INTERCEPTOR provides a quality service in all areas of document management. The management of INTERCEPTOR represents a culmination of over 30 years of experience in document reproduction and management services. We use end-to-end encryption and store all of our records on a secured server, so that you can be sure any sensitive information is protectedOur specialties include:

  • Paper to Paper Reproduction
  • Subpoena Production and Deposition Officer Services
  • Large Document Reproduction
  • Electronic Imaging
  • Records Storage and Shredding Services
  • Indexing and Bates Numbering
  • Encrypted download of all records

Areas We Serve

INTERCEPTOR directly handles photocopying and other legal imaging services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We also work with affiliates to extend our service beyond the Bay Area to other California counties.

The following are the counties INTERCEPTOR serves:

  • NAPA

Secure, Efficient Legal Photocopying by INTERCEPTOR

INTERCEPTOR is a one-stop legal photocopy service in Oakland, CA. We put our decades of experience to work for you through numerous legal services extending far beyond photocopying. Our team understands that being trusted with your essential documents and confidential information is a privilege. We ensure your data and documents remain confidential whenever they’re in our possession.

Our unrivaled reputation and commitment to outstanding customer service are why so many law firms and organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area come to us. Everyone at INTERCEPTOR continuously stands behind our values of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Do you need quick and secure legal imaging services in Oakland? Let us put our more than 35 years of expertise to work for you. Register below or contact us at 510.419.3940 for more information.

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