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What Is a Deposition Officer

Depositions in California must follow certain legal requirements. A deposition officer is a neutral party who is authorized by the state to administer oaths to witnesses, safeguard deposition exhibits, and prepare transcripts of the proceeding. To be a qualified deposition officer in California, one must be a legal adult, complete an education program, pass a state licensing examination, and apply to become a notary public or a court reporter.

INTERCEPTOR is an authorized deposition officer. Our deposition officer services, provided in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area, can save you valuable time and effort.

Our Services

INTERCEPTOR provides a variety of trusted, efficient, and reliable deposition officer services, in addition to the minimum duties required by California law.

  • Exhibit Management. Count on INTERCEPTOR to provide secure chain-of-custody practices. This can provide peace of mind for you and your legal team, knowing that exhibits for sworn witness testimony will be protected and safeguarded according to legal requirements.
  • Physical Deposition Support. With an on-site presence in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area, INTERCEPTOR is well-positioned to provide services when and where you need reliable depositions. Trust INTERCEPTOR to make on-site depositions comfortable and convenient.
  • Transcription Coordination. INTERCEPTOR partners with trusted, professional transcriptionists to ensure deposition transcripts are accurate, complete, and timely. We will also ensure transcripts are provided to all appropriate parties.
  • Virtual Deposition Support. When in-person depositions are not practical, INTERCEPTOR can assist by providing remote administration and technology management for virtual depositions.

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, at INTERCEPTOR, we know what we’re doing. Clients return to us for legal support services and refer others to us for a variety of reasons.

First, we are located in Oakland, CA, and serve the surrounding Bay Area. This means we have an in-depth working knowledge of the local legal community and of all applicable regulations. We are also known for providing a range of other cost-effective and efficient court services; research; photocopying; writ-services; e-services; process serving; and more to clients throughout the state and across the country. In fact, we have been meeting clients’ needs for nearly four decades.

Providing legal support is what we do, and we do it well. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for quality and customer service, and we pride ourselves on our reliability. Our professionals are well-equipped with the tools and technology expertise necessary to meet or exceed your expectations with every interaction.


At INTERCEPTOR, we believe in transparency. Pricing for our deposition services varies, depending on your needs, and package pricing may be available. Factors that affect pricing for individual deposition officer engagements include the choice of virtual vs. on-site depositions, and the duration of the proceedings. Know that INTERCEPTOR will work closely with you to help you understand the cost of using our services, so there are no surprises.

Areas/Clients Served

Located in Oakland, CA, the INTERCEPTOR team provides services in the surrounding Bay Area directly. Leveraging our network of trusted affiliates, we provide deposition officer services and other legal support services statewide. Our clients include workers compensation defense firms, civil plaintiff law offices, family law practices, debt collection agencies and law firms, elder abuse firms, eviction firms, and more.

California counties we serve include:

  • NAPA

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