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Accurate, thorough legal research is the foundation upon which legal strategies are made and challenged every day. Leveraging professional legal research services, including researching case law, appellate briefs, legal memoranda, court and government agency filings, regulatory records, public records, expert reports, and more, can create significant cost savings and process efficiencies for busy attorneys and law firms. INTERCEPTOR is proud to provide trusted legal research for lawyers in Oakland, CA, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Our Legal Research Services

For more than 35 years, INTERCEPTOR has been helping busy law firms and attorneys in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by providing a variety of trusted, professional services, including legal research for attorneys. Our law research services include researching state, federal, administrative, regulatory, and foreign law. Whether you have a one-time legal research need or want to engage us on an ongoing basis, we are confident you will realize cost savings with INTERCEPTOR when compared to completing your legal research in-house

  • Appellate Briefs. In addition to reviewing appellate briefs for compliance, our legal research professionals can also assist with the creation of compelling, research-supported appellate briefs.
  • Discovery. INTERCEPTOR’s legal research for attorneys also includes assisting with discovery. Whether you need help with requests for production or admission, interrogatories, deposition preparation, deposition summaries, or motions to compel discovery, we can help.
  • Legal Document Review. Regardless of where you are in the litigation process, our team can help create efficiencies with document reviews. With significant experience conducting document reviews, we can evaluate and distill the information for you quickly.
  • Legal Memoranda. Our legal research professionals are adept at providing a variety of legal memoranda, including objective, advocacy, or adversarial memoranda, as well as summary memoranda, memorandum letters, and more.
  • Phone and Email Reports. Busy law firms also turn to INTERCEPTOR for telephone and email legal analysis. This service can save your firm both time and money when formal written reports are not needed.
  • Pleadings. Our legal research services also include preparing a variety of legal pleadings, including complaints, motions to compel, motions for summary judgment, motions to dismiss or strike, and more.
  • Trial Briefs. Skilled in both legal research and legal writing, INTERCEPTOR’s team of legal professionals helps busy law firms and attorneys by preparing thorough, supported trial briefs.

Who We Serve

INTERCEPTOR serves a diverse clientele in the Bay Area, including a wide range of law firms, government agencies, and individuals who can benefit from the professional services we provide. Our past and current clients include:

  • Workers’ compensation defense law offices
  • Civil plaintiff law offices
  • Divorce/family law offices
  • Debt collection agencies and law offices
  • Eviction law offices
  • Elder abuse law offices
  • Any law office practicing in California state courts (not federal courts)
  • Individuals seeking one-off assistance

Areas We Serve

With an office in Oakland, California, INTERCEPTOR is proud to serve clients wherever they are located. We handle services in the Bay Area directly. For filings and research requests involving court cases and records in other parts of the state, we are proud to partner with a network of trusted affiliates who can provide professional, efficient service. Counties we serve in California include:

  • NAPA

Choose INTERCEPTOR for Legal Research Services

At INTERCEPTOR, we understand that legal research is often time sensitive and that accuracy and thoroughness are of paramount importance. Our team of skilled, experienced legal professionals understands how critical reliability is in legal research projects. We take pride in our accuracy and reliability, our professionalism, and our ability to consistently and quickly deliver the results our clients need. With extensive coverage areas, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service, INTERCEPTOR is the clear choice when you need legal research completed on time — and completed the right way.

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